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Our country hardware lock market why fish long mix?

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After a long wave to find the sand, after a thorough cleaning of the party. In the face of the current mixed lock market, can we also meet the lock market in the future? China's hardware lock development has a long history, the market torts constantly, the brand consciousness disorder has been existing.

Hardware locks available everywhere in the hardware market, the first brand, no brand, the good and evil people mixed up in a word, line hardware locks enterprises into the threshold is low, many hardware locks enterprise product variety, quality is not high, the price is cheap, so have a certain market, the low threshold of hardware locks market brings hardware locks overall market threshold is low. Even if the hardware lock enterprise has an advanced patent technology, then the hardware lock market will appear similar lock products. The threshold of hardware lock is everywhere low, lock is protected the consciousness of protection is weak. In the current environment, the low threshold of the lock industry is doomed to the chaos of the hardware market.

Hardware lock market lacks brand awareness.

Hardware lock enterprises to brand awareness, in the hardware lock market does not have their own brand lock products, just some miscellaneous brands of lock products. Small locks should also have his brand products, with the brand, lock products to have their own label, increase the customer's identity. But some of the locks are not aware of the importance of the brand so there are very few hardware brands.

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