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Wooden door hardware industry takes the third line market as the breakthrough.

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The rapid development of wooden door hardware industry in recent years, the market brought infinite business opportunities, who say is death SiBanBan metal hardware, into commodity hardware elements, also is the fashion goods immediately appear. With the increase of price, the raw materials of wooden door products in China also increase.

When the wooden door hardware profit is gradually compressed, many merchants realize the seriousness of the problem, to think long-term development, must choose new market. In this context, it is inevitable to choose the third-tier city as a haven.

The main market of the market is gradually introduced into the three-tier market. The construction of the professional market in the pan-household industry is gradually developed from the first and second tier cities to the third-tier cities, and developed from the economically developed regions to the non-developed areas. As far as the current situation is concerned, the wooden door hardware market in the second - and second-tier cities is heavily invested, and the pace of improvement is relatively fast. By contrast, the three - line city wooden door hardware market is much smaller. Because one, two cities the size of the market is big, affected area broad, on the impact of the original market pattern is strong, the three cities to re-establish a self-centered market pattern is harder.

However, many first-tier and second-tier cities have a large number of home building materials market, but they are not high in class, and they are generally integrated market, and they do not form a professional and distinctive business model. Such a situation can cause disorderly competition in the industry and restrict the development of the industry. In recent years, the traditional hardware store management is uneven, the product quality and after-sales service problems are many. After a lot of integration, hardware brand stores have started to appear in a number of second-tier cities, and there is a trend towards the development of third-tier cities. This marks the emergence of a more high-end and perfect sales system in the hardware industry, laying a good foundation for the development of the hardware industry in the third-tier cities.

At the same time, some local companies in third-tier cities are favored. Although they do not have the luxuriant "packing", but in the three-line broad hardware market is extremely active and free. Did not have the "head", take off the gentry, much a few minutes of native "childlike", quite has the potential of newborn calves are not afraid of a tiger, a strong appeal, the market mainstream market gradually introduced three line.

The hardware stores of the third-tier cities are gradually getting into the normal hardware industry, which is different from other building materials industries. The products are various -- from screws to locks, from pipes to steel. At present, the wooden door hardware market of the first and second-tier cities is more mature, all have the considerable hardware business scale.

However, the development of wooden door hardware market in third-tier cities is relatively backward. With the development of third-tier cities, many businesses in third-tier cities are getting on the right track and pursuing diversified channels. However, in the process of "active agent" and "creating a facade", many merchants still have a lot of sales channels, which are stagnant in the traditional way of sales. For example, now is the Internet age, network marketing is gradually adopted by large merchants, but many small and medium businesses have not taken care of it. Closed channels cause many opportunities for new customers to be lost. The firm has weakened the anti-market risk ability of these small and medium-sized businesses, and it is most vulnerable to changes in the market environment. Therefore, it is urgent to broaden the sales channels and refine the channels.

As the international financial crisis from spreading to the real economy, virtual economy in our country foreign trade export foreign markets and the impact of the shock, many hardware vendors orders a sharp contraction, the production and business operation faces serious difficulties.

With the development of third-tier cities, the development of wooden door hardware industry has become a trend. As a large number of consumers from second - and second-tier cities move to third-tier cities, the demand for wooden door hardware products will gradually increase in third-tier cities, and the third-tier market will gradually mature. Hardware merchants should grasp the good opportunity of the rise of the third-tier cities, find the foothold in the third-tier market, tie up the camp, and then chart the development.

The bold commitment service to serve the market according to the small make up understand, the wooden door hardware market today, does not lack the good product, also does not lack the market space, the most lack of precisely is the promise. Commitment is a social responsibility, a social mission. In the interests of the market economy environment, if companies willing to promise, will be attracted more attention, plus service to follow up, to win consumer recognition, explore the channels to build brand shop also will follow, give consumers a promise would make markets more broad.

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